Q. What is my eligibility?

A. We are looking for high school students grade 9-12. Both domestic and international students of all backgrounds as well as students from low-income families are welcome to apply. Throughout out research programs, we help students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.


Q. What is the application process?

A. Please fill out the UNSLA Application for GLR Mentorship Research (1:1), GLR-AI (I) Project Research, and GLR-AI (I) Summer Program. Additional documents are not required at this time and as your application is shortlisted, you will be notified for interview session as well as providing more student information details or requirements as needed.

Program File

Q. What are GLR programs?

A. GLR (Global Leadership Research) is a 12-week independent research program where student meets one-on-one with mentor. Students work with a research mentor from top universities and research paper is written by the student independently as a final product. GLR-AI (I) Students learn the fundamentals of AI (artificial intelligence) and explore a variety of AI application. AI research project with a mentor is conducted exclusively online. GLR-AI (I) Summer Program is offered during the summer conducted exclusively online.

Q. What is the difference between GLR-AI (I) and GLR-AI (I) Summer Program?

A. GLR-AI (I) is an artificial intelligence program where students meet virtually for 10-week period per week offered during the school year. GLR-AI (I) is an artifical intelligence program where students meet virtually for 10-week period per week offered during the school year. GRL-AI (I) Summer Program meets for two weeks Monday-Friday PST / EST during the summer. Students are grouped in cohorts with at least 5 students.

GLR-AI(I) Artificial Intelligence

Q. For the GLR-AI (I) Artificial Intelligence program, is there a pre-requisite?

A. There is no pre-requisite or prior knowledge of artificial intelligence from students.

Q. I am not too sure of my research topic.

A. Not all students are sure and decided on research topic from the beginning. However, we hope and expect that students try to work with academic creativity on their research topic. Student’s mentor will guide and give direction to students.

Q. Can my research be published?

A. While we do not promise to any student that their work would be published, if student is interested, publication is possible such as high school or undergraduate science journals and conferences.

Q. Can a letter of recommendation be requested to my research mentor?

A. You may request for letter of recommendation. Please keep in mind that mentors are not required to write a letter of recommendation for a student and they will make a decision based on student’s performance.