GLR-AI (I) Artificial Intelligence : Global Leadership Research-AI (I)

Application Process:

GLR-AI(I) is instructed by Harvard PhD, Ivy League researchers, and practitioners for academically rigorous students.
  • AI Foundational Skills:
    Learning AI foundational skills ahead of time can help you create socially impactful projects that our world needs.
  • Solve real world problems:
    AI is used to solve today’s challenges that we are facing. With the project you create, you have made a contribution to solve real world problems.
  • Stand out for college:
    By building an independent project using AI, you are showcasing your potential and academic abilities for a positive impact for our community.

Learn key concepts in artificial intelligence and build a guided project. Students can create AI projects that reflect their unique capabilities in fields such as AI in Gaming, AI-Healthcare, AI-Climate Change, AI-Finance, AI-Political Science, AI-Education, AI-Mental Health, and AI-Sports.

Students learn the fundamentals of AI and build an independent project using AI (example projects include: using AI to detect cancerous cells, using neural networks to detect football shot location, and assessing the health of a farmland using satellite imagery).

GLR-AI(I) Overview:
-10 Week Cohort program (at least 5 students in a cohort)
-Learn the fundamentals of AI
-Explore a variety of AI application
-AI Project with a mentor conducted exclusively online

Materials Covered:
-Image classification
-Deep Learning
-NLP & Language Processing
-Neural Networks
-sentiment Analysis
-Why AI Ethics matter