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United National Student Leadership Association (UNSLA) has started for the purpose of improving the eligibilities of individual leadership through each research areas that each person has the most talented interested area would be developed by Ivy instructors/mentors to encourage the personal talents. UNSLA has been established by three (3) brothers; David J. Myung and Andrew S. Myung and Seungun D. Myung, as they saw low-income students with financially disadvantaged backgrounds give up interest in science or have difficulty jumping into the vast world of science as they are academically ill-prepared. This would be a great loss to our society and the world of science! As a result, UNSLA, a non-profit organization, has provided numerous possible leaders of our future.

To include academically talented student families with financial struggle into the world of scientific community, part of UNSLA’s goal is providing research programs to students in need so that the potential academic talents of these students are not wasted away. As co-founders, David and Andrew Myung envision a community where students who care about positive impact in our society reach to their full intellectual potential through science by learning how to conduct advanced research. These two co-founders reached out to diverse community leaders, local business partners, and communities for fundraising in order to provide research programs to students. The result was a success as they raised donation of $38,700 which provided the very first artificial intelligence research program for 16 students at the beginning.

Today, through UNSLA’s GLR (Global Leadership Research) program and GLR-AI (Global Leadership Research) program, many students have been given various many opportunities to learn how to perform research in areas from STEM subjects through the Humanities and Social Sciences by equipping student leaders with innovative, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills needed today. We have witnessed incredible testimony of academic research and are truly excited as we continue to share our vision come true each day with the hope of helping student leaders become impact setters and contributors.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to generate future world-wide national and international leaders.


UNSLA empowers students with strong intellectual curiosity to incorporate their interest in a specific field to an independent and socially impactful research.

Our Message

UNSLA is proud to provide excellent research programs to both domestic and international students.