GLR-Global Leadership Research

In the GLR-Global Leadership Research, Students work with their mentor to develop a research paper. We are proud to provide excellent research programs to both domestic and international students of all backgrounds as well as students from low-income communities. Throughout our research programs, we help students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

Career developing pioneer

UNSLA helps student strive towards leadership through excellent research programs which also bolsters life-long skills such as critical thinking, self-advocacy, and curiosity. They are empowered with self-confidence and a belief to pursue their career path of their choosing in the future to come as our next strong leaders of our society. We help students unlock their fullest potential and achieve their goals and is dedicated to empowering students to explore their academic passions, develop new skills, and reach their full intellectual potential. Through our research program, students can connect with PhD-level experts in their fields of interest from STEM subjects to humanities. Learning how to perform research has many other benefits. It teaches creative thinking, problem solving, time management, resilience, and the courage to take control of academic and professional career.

Impactful trend setter GLR-AI(I) Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping the world with amazingly broad applications, our GLR program guided by expert PhD mentor can start students on the field of AI. Working on AI issues with global views and vision in mind, high school and college students can now start on a journey to explore the AI fields for active interaction and instruction with our expert mentors. GLR program delivers the best learning experience for the digital transformation and the critical interdisciplinary dimension of AI. Whether you’re interested in finance, healthcare, sports, political science, or education, AI is poised to transform every discipline and industry in the future. AI is already all around us today, and by the end of the program, students will understand the underlying concepts and motivations behind technology such as computer vision, natural language processing, and neural networks.