Our world is constantly changing with increasing complex issues and turbulences. We need to nurture our young leaders with empathy and compassion to improve our world. UNSLA envisions a community where our new generation of young leaders who care about positive impact reach to their full intellectual potential in order to contribute positive impact to their society. UNSLA provides world-class research programs by pairing these young leaders 1-on-1 with expert ivy league PhD mentors. Leadership training is encouraged as UNSLA’s vision is to also create national and international leaders who will deliver significant social and scientific impact to the world. We believe that one day our inspired young leaders would be able to address world’s greatest challenges. Through our GLR(Global Leadership Research) program, our young future leaders are given an opportunity to learn how to perform research in areas from STEM subjects through the Humanities and Social Sciences, equip our leaders with creative thinking, problem-solving, time-management, resilience, and the courage to take control of any situations. We are also truly excited to offer socially impactful AI-Artificial Intelligence program to students from every background and environment to be part of an ever-growing community of versatile AI powered future. We envision that through UNSLA, our future leaders will become impact setters and contributors around the world in every areas of global challenge. We look forward to our future leaders to join us!